Our services

From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

Transformer Solutions:

  • Transformer installation

  • Transformer oil filtration and dehydration

  • Transformer bushing LV and HT side changing

  • Rewinding and repairing

  • Insulation resistance test IR Value

  • Buchholz relay testing

  • OTI and WTI testing

  • Magnetic Balance Test

  • Voltage Ratio Test

  • Transformer oil test as per IS-1866-2017 standards

  • Flash Point, Water Content, Dielectric strength (Break Down Voltage), Dielectric Dissipation Factor (tan delta), Specific Resistance (Resistivity), Neutralization Value (total acidity), Sediment/Perceptible sludge testing, etc.

  • Transformer spares: Transformer oil (Apar - Power), WTI, OTI meters, Buchholz relay, Silica gel breather, HT & LT Bushing

Paper Plant Application Solutions:

  • Turnkey solution for Paper Plant, including sectional machine

  • Retrofit solution to existing VFDs and PLC

  • Standalone VFD Systems

  • Head box automation / Pulp Section Automation

  • Twin Drum Winder solutions

  • MCC/PCC/APFC panels

  • Crusher/Grinder Mill drive/Conveyor

  • Preheater Fan / Cooler fan

  • Kiln Main Drive / Twin Drive

  • Compressor and auxiliaries

  • AC VFD



white and gray industrial machine
white and gray industrial machine

Power Plant Application Solutions:

  • Alternator servicing and repairing LT/HT Both HT/LT up to 50 MW

  • Field Exciter

  • Governor

  • AVR Digital and Analogue

  • Grid and Turbine

  • DG synchronization System

  • Battery chargers

  • Boiler

  • ID Fan

  • FD Fan

  • Boiler Feed Pump

  • Compressors

  • Pump Automation solutions

  • Conveyors

  • SCADA system

  • Auto combustion system

Sugar Plant Application Solutions:

  • Cane handling

  • Boiling House

  • Mill house

  • Right from can unloader to sugar centrifuge machine

  • Sugar Centrifuge Machine

  • Pump Automation solutions

  • TAS solutions

  • Heaters

  • Cooling Tower Fans / Pumps


Oil & Gas Application Solutions:

  • Pump Automation solutions

  • TAS solutions

  • Heaters

  • Cooling Tower Fans / Pumps

  • AC VFD

  • DC Drive



  • Soft Starters

  • Heater Controller

  • Harmonic Filter

Cement Plant Application Solutions:

  • Crusher/Grinder Mill drive/Conveyor

  • Preheater Fan / Cooler fan

  • Kiln Main Drive / Twin Drive

  • Compressor and auxiliaries

  • AC VFD



  • AC VFD – LV/MV FCMA Harmonic Filters

MDF PLANTS Solutions:



  • Automation



  • Electrical

Metal & Steel Application Solutions:

  • Rolling Mills

  • Heaters

  • Roller Tables

  • AC VFD

  • Soft starter

  • Heater Controller

  • Pump Automation solutions

Earthing Designing, Erection, and Testing:

  • Designing of maintenance-free earthing grids

  • Providing chemical and conventional charcoal/salt earthing

  • Earthing integrity & safety testing at distribution board and machine level

  • Earthing Testing

  • Lightning Arrester

Engineering Services:

  • AMC of Electrical Installation (Cable laying termination HT and LT, Panel installation and Erection), Lighting fixtures, fire alarm Systems, and all related Engineering projects & services

  • Plant AMC

  • Manpower supply for plant run

  • New Equipment's installation

  • Industrial M/c Maintenance, Reconditioning & Automation

  • Supplies of Machine Spares & Repairing of Industrial Machine & Equipment (Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic parts)

Trading Service:

  • Sales and service of all electrical spare parts

  • ACB, VCB, Transformer, MCCB, MCB, and Contractor

  • SMPS and Relays

  • Sensors – Photo Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Curtain Sensor, Reed Switch

  • Cables – HT Cable, LT Cable, Control Cables

  • Power Factor Capacitor, Relay, and Contactors

  • PLC, Cards, and AC/DC Drives, HMI

  • Crane Control Equipment

  • LT and HT transformer from reputable companies

  • One-touch Security System

  • Solar system

  • Motor and Turbine spare parts

  • Smart home automation

  • One-touch security system for office and home

  • Handshake DELIXI drive PLC Servo drive in India.

woman in white shirt writing on white paper
woman in white shirt writing on white paper
woman in black shirt using computer
woman in black shirt using computer

Thermography Services:

  • Thermography imaging/testing for electrical safety

  • Thermography report analysis

VCB, OCB & ACB Servicing & Testing:

  • VCB, OCB & RMU servicing

  • VCB, OCB spare parts and accessories

  • Testing of VCB, OCB & RMU

  • ACB servicing & testing

  • LT switchgears servicing & testing

  • Earth fault and overcurrent relay testing

  • Testing of tripping system with primary injection

  • Hi-Pot testing

  • CRM (Contact Resistance Measurement) testing

  • Timing test (Opening and Closing time)

  • Insulation resistance test (IR Value)

HT Systems Protection Relays:

  • Protection relays installation

  • Protection relays programming

  • Protection relays testing

Testing, Calibration, and Maintenance of 132 KV Switchyard:

  • Tightening of tension clamps of shielding wire

  • Tightening of nuts & bolts of 132 KV Switch Yard Structure

  • Checking, cleaning, and tightening of all the overhead bus bars and jumpers of ACSR Panther Conductor

  • Checking of earthing resistivity of equipment earthing and transformer neutral earthing

  • Checking, cleaning, and tightening of all the connections inside the junction boxes installed at various places in the switchyard

  • Cleaning/washing of Porcelain Bushings of 20 to MVA 11/132 KV Transformer, 132 KV Breaker, Lightning Arrestors, CTs & PTs

  • Checking of alignment of 132 KV isolators

  • Checking/testing of Battery Charger Panel & Batteries

  • Tightening of all connections of Power & Control Cables in the field and 20 MVA 11 KV SF6 Breaker

  • Checking, tightening of all connections of 132 KV Relay Control Panel

  • Checking/testing of Protection Relays by Secondary/Primary Injection kit

Govt. Approvals & Licensing Services:

  • Electricity load enhancement/reduction/new connection

  • Electrical safety approvals

  • Fire NOC

  • All types of drawing approvals.

man writing on paper
man writing on paper

SCADA System:

  • Implementation and integration of SCADA systems

Capacitors and Filters:

  • APFC panels

  • High & medium voltage capacitors and filters

  • Low voltage capacitors and filters

  • Harmonic filters

Lightning Protection:

  • Conventional lightning protection solution as per IS/IEE-62305

  • Early streamer emission (ESE) type lightning arresters

  • Surge protection devices

HT & LT Panels:

  • Main LT panel

  • Distribution panel